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Organic Mushroom Nutrition

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SaleOm - Beauty [60g]
Nutritional power to shine from the inside out Defy aging, antioxidants to prevent fre..
€25.99 €16.99

Om - Cordyceps [60g]
Improves vitality and endurance* Improves oxygen consumption and delivery to increase ..

SaleOm - Fit [60g]
Improve Endurance & Vitality* Powered by Cordyceps and Reishi for peak p..
€25.99 €16.99

Om - Lions Mane [60g]
MEMORY. FOCUS. NERVE HEALTH.Focus and spark your mind for brilliant cognitive fun..

SaleOm - Maitake [60g]
Supports healthy weight control* Balance blood sugar and insulin levels* ALWAY..
€21.99 €16.99