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MaxiMuscle - Progain [1.5Kg]

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MaxiMuscle - Progain [1.5Kg]

Progain is naturally rich in BCAAs and provides a tailored solution to
enhance your normal diet. Every serving contains 500 calories, 120
calories of which come from 30 g of fast and slow release proteins for
gains in muscle size. Taking Progain in combination with your training
can bring a more effective change to your body’s muscle mass and size.

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are leucine, isoleucine, and
valine, which are present in many protein rich foods such as dairy, meat,
fi sh and eggs. BCAAs are considered essential amino acids, because the
human body cannot make them and therefore it is necessary that they
are consumed from the diet. BCAAs and in particular leucine, have been
shown to activate muscle signalling pathways that stimulate muscle
protein synthesis during the recovery period post exercise (Blomstrand
et al. 2006).
Essential fatty acids, also known as omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid) and
omega 6 (linoleic acid) may aid recovery from hard training by reducing
infl ammation (Konig et al. 1996). In addition, EFAs may support brain
function and promote a healthy blood lipid profi le. We also use EFAs in
our Progain formulation to increase the calorie content, as fats (9 kcal/
gram) are more calorie dense than either proteins (4 kcal/gram) or
carbohydrates (4 kcal/gram). This ensures that the calorie requirements
are met following exercise to help support gains in muscle size.

There are two different forms of fi bre; soluble and insoluble. Soluble
fi bre, found in foods such as, oats, fruits and root vegetables, helps
the human body to transport and absorb nutrients from food. By
contrast, insoluble fi bre is found in foods such as wholemeal bread,
bran and cereals, and helps with the removal of waste and harmful
materials from the digestive tract. Insoluble fi bre also absorbs water,
expanding your digestive tract and fi lling your stomach, increasing
the feeling of satiety. Each serving of Progain contains 5.6 g of fi bre,
which contributes towards your total fi bre requirements for the day

Typical values Per 100 g              Per 125 g serving
Energy, kJ / kcal 1678/401             2098/501
Fat, g 6.3                                      7.9
of which saturates, g 3.5                 4.4
Carbohydrate, g 62.4                      78.0
of which sugars, g 5.1                     6.0
Fibre, g 4.5                                    5.6
Protein, g 24.0                               30.0
Salt, g 0.5                                      0.6
Glutamine, g 5.0                             6.3
BCAA, g 6.3                                   7.9
Isoleucine, g 1.6                             2.0
Leucine, g 2.9                                3.6
Valine, g 1.8                                   2.4
MCT oil, g 2.1                                 2.7
Essential fatty acids (EFA), g 1.6     1.8
of which Linoleic acid, g 1.4             1.8
of which Linolenic acid, g 0.2            0.3

Recommended use:

Drink one serving a day between meals. On days you’re training, drink one
shake after your session. If you need more protein and calories in your
diet, increase to two servings per day. For one serving, add 125 g of powder
(approximately 2 and a half scoops) with 500 ml of water, shake to blend
and enjoy!


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