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Maxi Muscle

Maximuscle is committed to helping you get better, faster results. Maximuscle supply sports nutrition products to many of the biggest names in sport, as well as many elite athletes and thousands of regular gyms users who want to change their physique.

As one of Ireland's leading supplier of Maximuscle sports supplements, you can be sure of the best prices and range available.

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SaleMaxiMuscle - Cyclone Bars [12x60g] BBE 02/18
MaxiNutrition Cyclone bars (3 flavours available) are formulated to give you a delicious taste and t..
€29.99 €20.00

MaxiMuscle - Cyclone [1.2kg]
Cyclone is an all-in-one shake designed to meet the specific needs of serious exercisers. If you w..

MaxiMuscle - Maximuscle Shaker [700ml] 2 for €5
Now you can support your favourite brand while drinking a shake purchased from Fitness Ireland! This..

MaxiMuscle - Progain [1.5Kg]
Progain is naturally rich in BCAAs and provides a tailored solution to enhance your normal diet. Ev..

SaleMaxiMuscle - Promax Lean Bars [12 x 50g] BBE 05/18
Maximuscle Promax Lean BarsMaximuscle Promax Lean bars are a high protein bar to support muscle ..
€29.99 €20.00

MaxiMuscle - Promax Lean [990g]
Maximuscle Promax Lean25g BioMax True Protein 400 mg L-Carnitine 151 mg Green Tea Extract..

SaleMaxiMuscle - Promax Meal Bars [12 x 60g] BBE 02/18
Maximuscle Promax Protein BarsMaximuscle Promax bars are a high protein bar to support mu..
€29.99 €20.00

MaxiMuscle - Promax [960g]
ABOUT MAXIMUSCLE PROMAXMaximuscle Promax contains BioMax Whey True Protein, a unique blend of ..

SaleMaxiMuscle - Protein Bar Range [12x60g] Buy One Get One FREE
ABOUT MAXIMUSCLE PROMAX BARSMaximuscle Promax bars are a high protein bar to support muscle main..
€59.99 €29.99

MaxiMuscle - Thermobol [90 Caps]
A unique fat-loss support formula with a blend of effective nutrients to support weight loss and a h..

SaleMaxiMuscle - ZMA [30 Caps] Buy One Get One FREE
ZMA is a potent mineral complex to support muscle and strength gains.Maximuscle’s ZMA is a..
€29.99 €14.99

MaxiNutrition - Progain Extreme [1.5Kg]
A unique, high-protein weight-gain shake with added muscle-building support nutrients to aid size, s..

MaxiNutrition - Promax Extreme [1.21Kg]
An advanced, whey protein shake with muscle-building nutrients to support rapid muscle growth, stren..

MaxiNutrition Accessory Stack
The Maxinutrition Accessory Pack is a convenient must have for any serious athlete who is looking fo..

STACK - MaxiMuscle Lean Stack
This stack is perfect for men or women looking to get a little leaner.Flavour 1 - Promax Lean ..